This is not something to take lightly. This is not a moment to be complacent and go back to the lives we were living yesterday, this is a time when we have to begin looking at these issues at hand and understand more than ever how we as individuals and a community can stand up, and join the fight to stop them from worsening following the lead of a president who is openly and relentlessly racist-white supremacist, misogynist, homophobic, islamaphobic and ready to destroy any natural resource for capitalistic gain. We need to ready ourselves for the projected 4 years that our communities will have to fight for our rights, for our liberties and what already feels like for our LIVES.

Go visit Pa Nag Biag Iti Kayumanggi Nga Pilipina right now, if you haven’t already. She is putting up content designed specifically for dealing with the election, and the issues it raises, in the classroom. At this point there’s material for helping students process their feelings, regain their confidence, analyze voting results by generation, and talk about what’s happening in a politically-mixed classroom. Cannot recommend enough.

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