Small Stones: Meet the Editors


After spending about 36 hours post-election wishing she were a lawyer, Emily Breunig created Small Stones. Emily is a writer, educator, and editor who has edited and designed interdisciplinary curricula in both non-profit and corporate settings. She’s spent years in community college composition and literature classrooms, where her courses centered around issues of social justice, psychology and decision-making, and critical thinking. She’s also served as the ELA instructor in professional development institutes for K-12 science teachers, with a focus on climate change.

Eva Kaye-Zwiebel is a social scientist and project manager and the co-founder of Small Stones. She trained as a political scientist with a focus on community-level institutions in northern Kenya and has taught political science, done program evaluation, and managed the creation of a public finance data portal. She talked about the 2016 election and her family’s history in this Small Stones post.

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