Come Talk to Us!

But we promise the mic won’t look like this.

Here at Small Stones, we have a deep and abiding love for oral histories. If you’ve been reading for a little while, you’ve probably come across some of our material designed to help educators and students become oral historians in their own communities.

Now we’d like to talk to you.

This administration has yet to hit the 100 day mark, but already, there are stories. In the frenzied media atmosphere, especially on days when one or two or three executive orders drop, it’s easy to lose track of just about everything. We’d like to slow down, take a breath, and hear what life has been like for you and your students. And we’d like to share these stories with others, to help us all better understand how politics can have very real impacts on daily life.

So if you are willing to chat, whether under your own name or anonymously, please get in touch. You can always email us at smallstonesedu at gmail dot com. If you aren’t an educator yourself, but you know someone who is, reach out. Put us in touch.

And watch this space to learn more about how educators across the country are dealing with our current reality.

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