Small Stones Interviews: Coming Soon!


We are still here! And despite what our posting schedule might indicate, we’ve been hard at work–when not drowning in the news cycle.

Next week we will bring you the first installment in a series of educator interviews. Part of what we hope to do with this space is feature voices of the people who continue to, for lack of a better way of putting it, work their asses off to make sure that the future of our civic society is better than the present. We’ve been talking with classroom teachers; we’ve also been talking with people whose education work is a little less traditional. All of them, we feel, have an important angle on what it means to educate in this moment, in this country.

It’s not too late to share your story! If you’re interested in having a conversation with us that could be featured here, get in touch. We’re excited to share the organizations and programs our teachers are working with, but we are very open to anonymous interviews as well.

Check back soon. We think you’ll be as fascinated as we have been to hear what these educators are doing.

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