2016 Education News Roundup

The Washington Post has teacher/blogger Larry Ferlazzo’s 2016 best/worst ed news of the year roundup in a really easy format to read.

One of the year’s highlights:

Efforts to expand ethnic studies classes in schools picked-up steam, with California passing a law to create a model curriculum for these courses and new research showing major student academic gains as a result of participating in them.”

And a lowlight:

“The election of Donald Trump sparked a “hate spike” targeting immigrants and students of various ethnic, religious and racial groups in schools.  Even where harassment was not present, teachers reported fear and uncertainty creating high-levels of stress among students and families across the country, though some critics inaccurately accused educators of “fueling student anxieties.”

Efforts to expand ethnic studies classes in schools picked-up steam, with… new research showing major student academic gains as a result of participating

Here’s where you can find the Post’s version.

Here’s Larry Ferlazzo’s site itself, a great landing page of online resources for educators focused on ELL, ESL, and EFL.

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