Friday Music: Precious Friends

I listen to a lot of kids’ music these days. So here’s one of my favorites, in two versions. First, the cover, from the wonderful Canadian trio, Sharon, Lois, and Bram. And below the lyrics.

Just when I thought
All was lost, you changed my mind.
You gave me hope, (not just the old soft soap)
You showed that we could learn to share in time.
(You and me and Rockefeller)
I’ll keep pluggin’ on,
Your face will shine through all our tears.
And when we sing another little victory song,
Precious friend, you will be there,
Singing in harmony,
Precious friend, you will be there.

But if you know this song, you know its origins: the great Pete Seeger. This is the version I found myself listening to late at night, just after the election last year, for a bit of consolation. Easy to sing along, hopeful without being saccharine, and a lot of fun to dance to. Enjoy!

Blog note: Maybe the only silver lining to Eva heading out into the great wide open for a few weeks, at least from my perspective (because hey, she’s on vacation!), is that I get to take over Friday Music posts for a little while. So get ready for some toddler-friendly music with an emphasis on banjo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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