One Year Later: An Election Reading List


We’ve been thinking a lot lately–as probably evidenced by our slightly-unplanned lack of activity. Thinking about what our mission is, thinking about what we’d like our communities to become, and thinking about what the past year has meant for us all.

Some of the thinking you’ll see in this space soon, as we resume our Small Stones Interviews with people resisting in large ways and small, working to make our country and their home towns just a little bit better.

For now, though, we want to lean hard into this moment of celebration. Unlike a year ago, watching election returns last night was not cause for alarm or despair. There is more work to be done–there is always more work to be done–but last night’s election saw some pretty incredible things happen. So cheers to all who worked to make this possible, and here’s to continued progress, for us all, over the coming year.

Watch this space.

And in the meantime, check out these links:

  • Huffpost has a list up of historic victories from last night. Check out their rundown of victorious candidates who demonstrate the strength of diversity.
  • In good news for Charlottesville, the first independent candidate for city council in quite some time (reports vary on just how many years), Nikuyah Walker, has just been elected. We are in love with her platform. This is also the first time Charlottesville has had more than one black person on the city council.
  • Edweek has a quick writeup of what election results in Virginia and New Jersey might mean for their K-12 policy.
  • Part of how it happened: Flippable has a rundown of results, the work their organization and volunteers did, and the plan for 2018.

We’ll end on this, which we haven’t yet been able to source, but which is going around twitter and makes us very happy:

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